ChanelĀ was taken from her mother as a tiny baby and kept as a pet with another monkey named Coco. On arrival here at our home, Chanel was underweight and frightened. Chanel has since improved physically and psychologically and she now flourishes with the specialist care she receives. Her friend Coco has since passed away, but she now lives happily in a social group and has formed a very strong bond with Gucci. She has a gentle and kind character so is often chosen to help new Capuchins learn how to socialize, and he just loves meeting these new arrivals and teaching them how to play.




Capuchin Monkey Pet for Sale (Chanel)

Capuchin Monkey Pet for Sale usually have cream-colored fur around the shoulders, neck and face, and the rest of their hair is dark brown. A capuchin has a tail as long as his body, between 12 and 22 inches. His face is pink or white, and he has dark hands with long fingers. Capuchin Monkey Pet for Sale UK


Before bringing home your capuchin home, find out whether it’s legal to keep a monkey as a pet in your state. Many states ban pet primates, and others require permits. If you keep a monkey in a state that doesn’t allow them, or if you fail to obtain a permit, not only are you breaking the law but you could run into major problems when your pet requires veterinary care. State-licensed veterinarians can’t treat illegal monkeys, and they might be required to report you.

Capuchin Pet

Monkeys are not a good pet for many people. One should learn as much as they can along with talking to current monkey owners before bringing one into their home. Also, many states do regulate pet monkeys and some ban them altogether. Please check with your local and state to make sure you can have a monkey and if permits are needed. Capuchin monkeys can live up to 50 years old. Something else to consider before purchasing one.

Capuchin monkeys are the most intelligent of New World monkeys. This can make them challenging to keep as a pet. They have to have a lot of enrichment in their lives. Since they are social species, they need a high amount in interaction with their owners or other monkeys.

Can you buy a capuchin monkey Pet in the US?

As of 2018, it is legal to own a pet capuchin monkey in North Carolina, Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, West Virginia, Indiana, Arkansas, Wyoming, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas.


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