Capuchin Monkey for Sale in USA (LUCY)

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In the first weeks of my life, I spend them in my mother’s back very close to her neck and slowing moving towards the lower part of her back. My days pass as I drink milk from my mom’s armpit and sleep in her back most of the day. She continuously moves around and other females and juveniles sometimes came close to us to rest and eat. There is another baby a bit bigger than me, whose mom is always close to us. We sniff at each other when our moms rest very close at noon.

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Capuchin Monkey for Sale in USA (LUCY)

Capuchin monkey for sale in USA are New World monkeys of the subfamily Cebinae. Moreover, they are readily identified as the “organ grinder” monkey, and are used in many movies and television shows for entertainment. The range of capuchin monkeys includes some tropical forests in Central America and South America as far south as northern Argentina. In Central America, where they are called white-faced monkeys (“carablanca”), they usually occupy the wet lowland forests on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and Panama and deciduous dry forest on the Pacific coast.

Where can I find a free capuchin monkey rehome?
A lot of people reach out to us wondering if there isn’t an older free capuchin monkey out there that they can adopt. They tell us they’ve always wanted a monkey but never really could afford one and have a hole in their heart that needs to be filled.

Capuchins for sale are expensive but so is their care. While free rehomes do become available from time the time, the chance for a first-time primate owner to adopt a capuchin monkey is very slim and not advisable. Don’t forget, the reason why people rehome an animal is in many cases because they have a hard time handling their primate in the first case. Unless you have a lot of experience with primates, you’ll have a hard time understanding their body language and you will most likely end up getting hurt. People that rehome their capuchin often still have a strong bond with their capuchin and will want what is best for their primate, so they nearly always reach out to more experienced primate owners to adopt their capuchin.

If you ever see an ad for a free rehome, those are always scams where the scammer will require you to pay some type of rehome fee which is illegal unless you have an USDA license or one time permit. Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

Can I sell my capuchin monkey for a rehome fee?
In the USA you are not allowed to sell your pet capuchin monkey for a fee unless you have an USDA breeder or broker license. If you’re unable to take care of your monkey and you want to sell them to recuperate some of your costs, you’ll need to contact the USDA to obtain an one time permit which will allow you to sell your capuchin.

Selling your monkey without that permit is against the law and could get you in trouble. You are always allowed to give your monkey away for free but no rehome or any other type of fee can be charged without that permit. Capuchin monkey for sale near me, capuchin monkey for sale craigslist, free monkeys for sale, monkey for sale $500, monkey for sale $100, capuchin monkey for sale florida, capuchin monkey for sale thailand, capuchin monkey for sale texas

Rehoming monkeys can be quite traumatic for both the owner and your capuchin monkey so please make sure to find the right candidate to take care of your monkey. A rehome should never go to a first-time owner.

Why are capuchin monkeys popular pets?
Out of all primate species, capuchin monkeys are most commonly kept as exotic pets. Due to their intelligence and smaller size, people seem to prefer them above most other primate species. Capuchin monkeys are often used in movies since they can be trained more easily than other new world primates. Don’t get me wrong, only an experienced trainer will be able to teach your monkey a lot of cool tricks.

While they can be very challenging to keep as pets, the fact that they are so much like us makes them very attractive. Just like us, they have 10 fingers and toes and they often use their tail as a 5th arm to grab or hold on to objects. They’ll let you know when they’re not happy but a simple hug from them makes you forget all about those challenging moments.

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