Baby Capuchin Monkey For Sale (OTIS)

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I’m what humans called a black-capped capuchin, a medium-size, agile and smart monkey living in a forest of Colombia. My life started on a windy afternoon at the beginning of the rainy season. My mom was hiding in a very high tree cover by lots of vines around us, it was a bit dark when I get out. My mom takes me from the middle of her legs and cleanse me with her tongue. Once I was clean she put me in her back close to her neck, where I can hang very tight to her fur and put my tail around her arm. I’m small with a pink, wrinkled face and a tiny body very close to my mom’s back.

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Baby Capuchin Monkey For Sale (OTIS)

Capuchin monkeys for sale are unpredictable, expensive, destructive, and require a lot of care and attention. Moreover, they’re social animals that can live up to 45 years, so if you’re not home all the time, you’ll need to buy a companion monkey. In addition, while you can travel with your monkey when they’re just a baby, that will no longer be possible once they get older since it is near impossible to find a monkey sitter. Conclusively, it can also be very challenging to find a vet in your area willing to handle your Capuchin. In many cases, expect to drive up to 4 hours to find a vet that specializes in primate care of Capuchin monkey near you.

Black Capuchin Monkey for sale

We breed Capuchin monkeys with abundant personality, character, and body structure. Fluffy Coat Capuchin monkeys. Our Capuchins are part of our family. They are loved and valued as such. They are not monkey making machines. We do not wish to be overwhelmed by our passion. We want to enjoy every second of it! Each of our Capuchin has his or her own endearing qualities which makes us smile every day. We would love to share with you the happiness they bring to us.
If you are interested in a lifelong companion monkey, please visit Our Available Monkeys page and any new monkeys we have will be posted . We also have a waiting list if you are not in a hurry. Just send us an e-mail with a little information about yourself and what you are interested in and we will contact you. Remember, everyone has an opinion about raising monkeys, so before you make a decision about us, or our monkeys, please feel free to discuss any questions, or concerns you may have by either emailing or calling us.

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4 reviews for Baby Capuchin Monkey For Sale (OTIS)

  1. Farhan Choudhry

    How do I get to adopt one?
    Please need it so much…

    • Alli

      If you have also negotiate a price with me I’m able to meet where

  2. Judith M Underwood

    I’m interested in Otis if you can contact me if hes still available.

  3. Elizabeth

    how can I get to adopt one?
    and how much does it cost?

  4. Hayley strickland


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