Capuchin Monkey for Sale

We are a family of pet lovers, breeding capuchin monkeys as a hobby, raising them in our living sorroundings along with children and other pets; and relocate them to homes where we believe they can be loved and cared for. We believe every capuchin monkey deserves a home, deserves to be loved and cared for. We believe that monkeys babies, just like human babies don’t cost that much, if at all anything to breed. What we charge for our capuchin monkeys is only a token to enable us to recover breeding expenses so as to be able to continue sharing capuchin monkey love all around the world. Our commitment to our customers does not end when a purchase is made, we are always available, ready to give all necessary assistance and advice our customers may need as they navigate through life with their priimate friend.

our lovely capuchin monkeys

Capuchins monkeys are considered the smartest of the New World monkeys—are diurnal (active during the day), social, and territorial. They spend most of their waking hours searching for food, urinating to mark their territory, and hanging out in trees. Most capuchin monkey owners use diapers for the monkey’s entire life and keep them on leashes in and out of the house for both the safety of the monkey and the public.


our lovely babies

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